ALL CAPS Mid May Updates! Everything finally arrived!

ALL CAPS Mid May Updates! Everything finally arrived!


Well it finally happened! Pretty much everything arrived on the same day! It’s taken a few days to process all this stock but it’s all up and available! Won’t be doing that again! Current in stock item updates are below:

BDZ, 105 Oil and the 205g0 restock have all gone live. More 205g0 has also been ordered to allow for larger quantities to be ordered. 5ml, 15ml and a  new 30ml offering will be available once the new big ass batch arrives in next week or so. Planning on releasing the larger quantities for your legends chasing big boi sizes!

Durock POMs
Both Tactile and Linear POMs are in stock and shipping now! ONLINE NOW!

Cherry Clears
Ergo clears can be made by spring swapping these bad boiz. In stock, ready to ship!

SPRiT Springs
There is still stock available from the last drop, but all the SLOWs have sold out. Thus, only SLOWs have been ordered this time due to the extremely high number of requests/demands. Seriously, stop yelling at me in the street. Due Mid/Late Next week.

SPRiT Lube Stations
64 switch capacity and super affordable. Hop on these, not sure if they’ll be ordered again due to the lead times - but happy to take feedback. Also due Mid/Late Next week.

Toasty x ALLCAPS universal USB-C daughterboards are available now for the cool price of $17. Worth every cent.

Idyllic Films are still being prepared for us, but we have Durock films in stock in the meantime. Idyllic ETA 2 weeks, they’re literally being cut for us.

You asked, requested, hounded and pleaded. Here they are. Smokey Durock V2 Stab kits are available right this very second. The plan is to have these in stock all the time, right when you need em. Expect to see these in stock, when you need em.

Thats all for now. This was a lot of stock to process in a really short amount of time. It might seem like nothing, but it’s a bit of an effort to separate and store all this stuff! This keyboard store thing is really spiralling out of control!! In any case, once we start to make our way through this latest batch of restocks we’ll look to increase the variety of store (which we acknowledge is lacking). Looking towards offering Kailh switches, BSUN and even more Durocks down the line.

Finally, another cheesy thank you. It’s actually super humbling to be able to provide this community with what is needs. I speak to and engage with such lovely people every day on email, Twitch, IG and AUMK. I’m very upbeat about the future of the hobby and even more upbeat about the newbies we welcome every day! So for now, thank you for allowing me to do this work and thank you for your support.

Much love,

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