ALL CAPS Early July Updates! Gateron Milky Tops ARE BACK!

ALL CAPS Early July Updates! Gateron Milky Tops ARE BACK!

Hi team,

Time for another wacky ALLCAPS early month update!


Packaging Update
I have had to ditch the iconic (lol) ALLCAPS black Mylar packaging that you’re all so very used to. Instead, we have swapped to clear ziplocks with a variety of pre-printed stickers placed on them to delineate switch count, accessory type, switch mod product and so on. I actually think these are much nicer and more practical, but feel free to flame me in the discord.

Open, ready for your posts, questions and reacts.

August Slow Down
For now, everything is processing as normal but form August 6th there will be a slight extension in processing time. Rather than closing the store for a month, in August for the birth of our second daughter we will be extending the processing time on all orders by about 2-3 days. I know y'all have eased into having ALLCAPS orders processed same or next day, but that's going to be difficult while we're in hospital. If there are issues with orders taking too long please DM me and I'll sort you out. 


Gateron Milky Top Yellows
BACK IN STOCK. Sorry it took so long, but this time I intentionally over ordered so you should have no trouble at all copping when you need em. Literally thousands upon thousands were ordered so they should go the distance.

Gat Milky Tops
Also back, larger drop this time. 

Idyllic Films
Restocked last week, ready to order.

Matcha Plate Mount Stab Kits
Available now in the cream and matcha colourway. Not our typical kit, but you get all of the 2us which is a nice trade off. Limited quantities.


Krytox 105 Oil
Reordered today, should be a couple of weeks.

Krytox 205
Also made a big reorder today. There will be an additional week or two lag on 5ml tubs are we are all out, but BIG BOIs and 15mls will drop as soon as we receive the order from Miller-Stephenson next week.

Krytox XHT-BDZ
Unfortunately, we will not be able to restock BDZ for a little while as we have committed to other restocks in the pipeline. Looking more like mid-August at this stage.

Metal Switch Openers
On the way, should be a couple of weeks.

Dielectric Grease
Arrived today, but I have no tubs! Will be restocked once the 5ml tubs arrive, which is looking like next week at the earliest. 15ml tubs will go live on July 9th.

Cherry Hyperglide Browns & Blacks
Have also been reordered. They will be able two weeks, give or take. Much larger allocation has been ordered to keep these bay bois in stock longer. I am genuinely shocked y'all snapped them browns up so quickly!

SPRiT Springs and Lube Stations
Waiting on bumpons and M2s to arrive so we can start selling these, should be next week by the time we get the product shots out of the way and on the site. Due to this situation, I will probably look to offer other spring manufacturers as after market options moving forward. Apologies for this, I’m personally a big fan of the 55g and 62g SLOW springs and have them in quite a few builds. It is a situation I have seen coming but tried to avoid due to the quality of the products.

That's it for now keyboard friends. I will be back later this month with hopefully some good news. For daily and specific product go-lives please join the discord.

Later, Gater


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