ALL CAPS Early May Updates! Still restocking & new products!

ALL CAPS Early May Updates! Still restocking & new products!

Dearest customers,

The store remains open! How? Nobody knows. Unfortunately, due to the worlds slowest shipping (legit some things have been in transit for like 5 weeks) I’m still not fully re-stocked. Bummer, right? I know, gimme a few days and everything should be right with the world once more.

I try to have more frequent updates, usually once a fortnight. But, it’s been a long couple of weeks waiting for deliveries and nobody wants to see a grown man cry.
JC, wasting all of April waiting for stock to arrive
*JC, wasting all of April waiting for stock to arrive

Finally, part of the cause of this months shipping delay was changing vendors for some items as well as testing out new suppliers.

Accessories & Tools
Keycap pullers and stem holders are back, switch pullers are still in transit, but are due Monday 3rd. Films are out of stock, but Idyllic is working on it for us, I have also ordered Durock films as an alternative — due next week!

Cherry MX Clears
You want the infamous Ergo Clears? You got it! Just one spring swap and you’re home. Orders will open Monday, 3rd at 8pm. If you’re short on springs, we’re still stocking SPRiT Springs and an assortment of other stock springs.

SPRiT Lube Station
Sometimes order and civility is the big brain move. These lube stations from SPRiT take 64 switches and are just what you need to cure your chaotic piles of parts during lubing sessions. Laid out just as your switches would be in a 60% board, these frosted acrylic stations are just the ticket for a smooth lube sesh.

Durock POMs
Still incoming due to manufacturing delays. I am happy to announce that both POM linears AND tactiles will be available at the same damn time. Likely, dropping next week around May 6th, depending on logistics.

Krytox BDZ and 105 Oil are two new products on the way to us. We have everything but the lube itself! After making a collect call to the US at 5:30am, it has been confirmed that BDZ and 105 will be available to ALL CAPS customers from Saturday, 8th May. 105 was out of stock at our supplier which is why these products have been so delayed. 205g0 5ml and 15ml tubs will be replenished at the same time. PM me through the usual methods should you want a larger amount.

Durock Stabs
Incoming, due next week - week after at the latest.


Kailh long poles likely, BSUN Pandas, potentially Gateron Cap switches, Universal Daughterboards and locking eyes with strangers for wayyyy too long.

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