SPRiT LSS v2 64 Slot Lube Station

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Lubing is messy, but it doesn’t have to be!

SPRiT’s lube stations are the real deal from the spring master himself. These babies hold 64 of your favourite switches, which is the exact number you need for a 60% build! Designed in such a way as to mimic a the layout of a board, these lube stations allow you lube your switches in effectively the same position in the station as they would be in your board!

Super thiccc, super heavy duty the SPRiT LSSv2 is key to lubing up your switches evenly and consistently. The LSS features cutouts for the bottom housings only, the LSSv2 is composed of two 5mm thick acrylic plates! All materials are sourced from Japan and Korea by SPRiT himself, making these lube stations exactly what you need to get your switches lubed efficiently! Please note, there is some assembly required.

  • Material: Acrylic
  • Colourway: Clear/Frosted
  • Switch capacity: 64
  • Size: 320 x 115 x 10 mm
  • Hardware: 8x M3 screws & 6 bumpons

SPRiT has you covered! His lube stations are premium, thick, extremely sturdy and very hardy. 

Assembly Instructions
In the interest of providing as much information from the jump, some basic instructions for assembly are below.

  1. Remove protective film (optional)
  2. Place both acrylic sheets on top of each other, insert screws through the screw holes and secure with nuts
  3. Place bumpons on the under side of the LSS
  4. Party and/or lubricate