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[Pre-Order] LuminKey80 Add-on

[Pre-Order] LuminKey80 Add-on

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After the LuminKey75, LuminKey is back to bring us its successor, the LuminKey80. Same formula, the TKL inherits all the goodness and improves upon that. High quality, has great acoustic, and even comes with a pre-assembled option that is ready to use out of the box. 
Latency data
Wired: 2 millisecond
2.4G: 6 millisecond
Wireless: 40 millisecond

Polling rate
Wired: 1000Hz
2.4G: 1000Hz
Wireless: 125Hz

Keyboard Spec
Size: 159x136x19mm
Typing Angle: 7°
Layout: 80% TKL ANSI/ISO
Mounting: Gasket Mount
Programming Support: QMK / VIA
Cable type: Type-C Data Cable
Switches: Createkeebs Sylva Linear Switches
Stabilizer: Gateron Stabilizers
Connectivity: Wireless/2.4G/Wired
Compatible System: Windows/MacOS
PCB: 1.6mm Hot-swap
Plate: 1.5mm PC Plate

Case: 6063 CNC Aluminum
Weight: Copper
Badge: Copper
Keycaps: PBT Double-shot Keycaps (WOB/9009)
Color: Ano-Black/ Ano-Silver/ E-Retro White

Switch specs:
Manufacturer: Gateron 
Switch type: Linear
Top housing: Nylon
Stem: POM 
Bottom housing: Nylon
Sring: gold-plated stainless steel 
Total travel: 3.7±0.3mm
Operating force: 48±gf
Total travel force: 55±20gf
    Pre-Assembled Kit
    Extra add-on
    Kit Content:
    Add-on Keycap package include: 3x LED indicator keycaps, 3x Gateron Baby Raccoon switches, ISO Layout Keycap
    Australia: ALLCAPS
    EU: KeyGem
    ID: Mechaland
    KR: Laein, Monstagears
    ML: Mecha
    PL: Zion Studio
    SG: iLumkb, Ktechs, Pantheonkeys
    TW: Inpad
    TL: Nuntachot
    UK: Keyboardco
    US: Cannonkeys, Mechanicalkeyboard, KFA
    VN: The Keeb Store
    Sound test:
    QMK/VIA files:
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