Popcorn Switches
Popcorn Switches
Popcorn Switches

Popcorn Switches

Charue Design
Popcorn (Tactile) Switches

DISCLAIMER: Not to be taken internally!

We know, it’s sooo easy to mistake these phenomenal switches for your favourite salty snack, popcorn! But, they’re just really nice custom switches from the gang at Charue! The tactility is the same as other Tecsee Tactile switches and is similar to TKC Kiwis. There's little to no pre-travel before the tactile bump.

The Charue team have channeled their childhood, time with family and crushing as much popcorn as possible as inspiration for these switches. Brilliant!

The switches will come packed in a reusable theatre themed popcorn bag with stickers!

Available in 10, 36, 72, 108 & 144 quantities

Stem: White (UHMWPE)
Top housing: Yellow (PME)
Bottom housing: White (PME)
Spring Weight: 63.5g Double Spring
Factory Lube: No
Pins: 5
Switch Manu: Tescee
Typing Test: YouTube
Tax included.
Size: 36