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PCB/Switch Foam

PCB/Switch Foam

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Chasing that deep thoccy sound? We got you!

Probably the most revered mod in the game right now, the PE Foam mod gives your board a distinct sound. Our switch/PCB stickers allow you to do this without the fuss of the old strip of custom (read: dodgy) cut of PE foam. Simply peel off the sticker and place over the switch hole on your PCB to start thoccing away. 

  • 2 materials: PE Foam and Poron
  • Clean, simple - just peel from the backing and place on your PCB
  • Push your switches through the corresponding holes, the leaf legs are more than enough to punch through the thin foam
  • Compatible with per switch RGB shine through
  • Black, 100 count per pack

So easy, so effective - if you're chasing that PE Foam sound for your build. 

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