Mini Signature Plastics Grab Bag

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Why not cop a mini SP grab bag? It's fun!

Included in the bag are five random keys at least, most bags contain 8 keys or more in various sizes and colours. The Mini Grab Bags are a nice little item and the perfect add-on to your order. Who knows, you might get lucky with a banger keycap from your favourite set!

Comprising of a random mix of DSC, DSS, DSA & SA and some other weird, possibly outdated profiles the grab bag is a known commodity in the keyboard community as an expensive gamble. Not to worry! We've split the grab bag into thoughtful mini bags for ALL CAPS customers.

  • Various and random profiles per bag. Could include: DSC, DSS, DSA & SA
  • Various sizes: 1u, 1.5u, 1.75u, 2u, 2.25u, 2.75u and so on (no spacebars)
  • Random Assortment of colours and keysets (Ice Caps, Laser, Bliss, BoW, Granite, Magic Girl etc etc)
  • Keycaps could be slightly discoloured, dodgy and should otherwise be considered a sample or second

You can now toe dip and be part of the fun, without having to drop all that money for a half a bag of miss matched SA and DSA keycaps coupled with POS Machine novelties and maybe a 10u space bar (or three).