Kailh Blacks

The legendary Kailh Black long pole is finally available at ALLCAPS

You all have been asking for literally months and finally we have listened! Kailh Blacks are here and ready for your modding needs. Known as a cheaper alternative to the much revered Cream long pole stem, the Kailh black is the same thing but you know... a different colour. Useful in making your favourite frakenswitches, swap these stems for those in your favourite switch to make an insta long pole, clacky switch. Apply lube as necessary.

In the interest of allowing you to order what you need, these switches will be offered in packs of 10.

1 = 10 switches

Stem: Black, Linear, LONG BOI
Top Housing: Black
Bottom Housing: Black
Spring weight: 60g
Factory lubricant: No
Pins: 3

Specs are included for transparency and consistency's sake, we know you're just going to take the stems out of these bad boys and probably toss the rest.

Tax included.
Kailh Blacks

Kailh Blacks