Joininkeys Macha Linear

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Matcha lookin’ at kid?

Presenting another JWK recolour: the Joininkeys Matcha! Featuring a 68g long spring and a light factory lube these switches are quite decent stock. With all the trimmings you crave but at a nice price, the Matchas are actually the bomb.

  • Stem: Matcha Green, Linear
  • Top Housing: Cream
  • Bottom Housing: White
  • Spring weight: 68g Long Spring (20mm)
  • Factory lubricant: Yes, light
  • Pins: 5

We always recommend lube and it can be copped in stock, at the same time as these bad boys. While they are very lightly factory lubed, a little Krytox 205 application to taste can aid the experience.

Available in packs of 70 and 90.