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Hades Switch by Moyu Studio

Hades Switch by Moyu Studio

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Developed by Moyu.Studio in their trilogy of Greek mythology based switches, we present the Hades switch! Conjuring tones of green as a homage to the underworld, the Hades switch is not to be missed!

The Hades Switch uses a unique stem thats long, but not SUPER long like that used in the Poseidon switch. Made of the soon to be infamous JWK P3 blend, the stem is super smooth. Topped off with a 3-stage (3-way?) long spring the result is a snappy, less fatiguing typing experience. The spring has been reworked from the proto run to avoid the noted spring crunch issues. Additionally, the all nylon housing is made from a beautiful translucent green to match the theme.

Sold in Packs of 10, 1=10 Switches

Type: Linear
Stem: Dark Green - Long Pole (P3)
Top housing: Translucent Green (Nylon)
Bottom housing: Translucent Green (Nylon)
Spring Weight: 63.5g 3-Stage Spring
Factory Lube: No
Pins: 5
Switch Manu: JWK
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