[GB] Tetrix60 Add-Ons
[GB] Tetrix60 Add-Ons
[GB] Tetrix60 Add-Ons

[GB] Tetrix60 Add-Ons

Introducing the Tetrix60 from Rien. Drawing inspiration from both Tetris and Gameboy footprints, the board features customisable weights and badges. There are five colours, three variants (HHKB, WK & WKL) to couple with the colour addons. Plates are similarly selectable in either Alu or Poly.

This page is for PCBs, Plates and Badges!

GB Date: 1st Aug-1st Sep
Estimate Shipping: Q1 2023

Not in Australia/NZ?
US: Monke Works
CA: Keyspresso
Asia: Basekeys
EU: Keygem
Tax included.
Add-ons: Hotswap PCB
Hotswap PCB
Alu Plate
Poly Plate
Silver Badge
Black Badge
Burgundy Badge
Grey Badge
Brass Badge