[GB] Roze65 - Add-ons
[GB] Roze65 - Add-ons
[GB] Roze65 - Add-ons
[GB] Roze65 - Add-ons
[GB] Roze65 - Add-ons
[GB] Roze65 - Add-ons

[GB] Roze65 - Add-ons

This page is for the Add-on products for the Roze65 Group Buy

Project_27's Roze65 is a feature packed, yet minimalist 65% for everyone. 

A minimalistic and good looking keyboard for the average consumer was their intention. The layout is compact, yet functional, refined but bad to the bone. 

Starting with the layout, it is a versatile and portable size. Paired up with the thin bezels of the Roze65, there is not a single inch of wasted space at first glance. It ships with a variety of foams (which users can opt to not use), thin 1.2mm PCB with flex cuts and an aluminium plate. 

The theme for the board is striking, drawing on botanical elements, with specific references to roses. Roses are flowers that are easy to grow yet have such a diverse usage across various occasions. The pinnacle of elegance with simplicity.



GB Date: Oct 20 - Nov 20
Limited GB
Estimate Shipping: Q2 2023

Not in Australia/NZ?
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    Tax included.
    Add-ons: Hotswap PCB & Daughterboard
    Hotswap PCB & Daughterboard
    Solder PCB & Daughterboard
    Alu Plate
    FR4 Plate
    POM Plate
    Polycarb Plate
    Deskmat Light
    Deskmat Dark