Everglide Moyu (Dark Jade)

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Get ready to have your socks blown off!

The Everglide Moyus are here and they’re taking names! Featuring a long pole stem and in your face tactility, these switches are the ultimate tactile switch for your collection or next build. The Moyus are loud (literally), proud and 100% in your face! Housing material is PBT while the stem is POM. Don't be afraid, they're an amazing typing experience.

  • Stem: Black, Tactile
  • Top Housing: White
  • Bottom Housing: White
  • Spring weight: 67g
  • Factory lubricant: No
  • Pins: 5

Lube is advised but is not required. Krytox 203 and 204 are typically the go-tos for tactile, depending on your preference.

Available in packs of 70, 90 and 110.