Durock POM Tactile (T1 POM Sunflower)

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Everything is better in POM - Tactile Edition!

ALL CAPS is stoked to be bringing you Durock's new, smooth all POM T1 Tactile switch! That's right tactile fans, we have not forgotten about you! These switches feature an all POM housing and a mystery material for the stem (that's likely just POM but Durock won't say). The linear POMs are now revered for their stock smoothness, so we thought that it's only fair to offer something for our tactile mates. 

  • Stem: Yellow, Tactile
  • Top Housing: Grey POM
  • Bottom Housing: Grey POM
  • Spring weight: 63.5g (bottom out)
  • Factory lubricant: No
  • Pins: 5

This batch is NOT factory lubed - we waited longer to get the unlubed version cause we know you prefer that! They will sing with a once over of 203 or 204. This is a limited in-stock drop, with round two to follow shortly thereafter.

Available in packs of 70, 90 and 110.