Cherry Clip-In Stabs Kit

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Classic Cherry PCB mount Clip-in stabs. 

Great to have in your kit in case you need em or if your screw-ins don't allow for additional mods. These are CLIP-IN STABS that clip in directly to the PCB and will require a plate that supports them. These stabs will clear the standard stab cut outs on most plates. Just be aware that some prebuilt boards may not offer this support, standard customs will be compatible. Clip-in stabs can be useful if you're looking to gummy worm gasket your tray mount board.

All sets are available in the traditional TKL variant with ten stab housings and 6 wires. 7u wires have been included to assist with compatibility for HHKB and WKL layouts. No screws have been included as these aren’t screw-in stabs, ya dig?

Included wires:

  • 4x 2u
  • 1x 6.25u
  • 1x 7u 

FYI: Stainless wires have been included, not OG cherry wires. 

As usual, we HIGHLY recommend lubing with dielectric grease, Krytox 205g0 or for the truly adventurous BDZ for best, less rattley results.