Aliaz Silent Tactile

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Try the silent side of life.

Aliaz Silent Tactile switch, manufactured by our friends at Gateron. With a cool Pink stem and the usual suspects to silent the actuation, these tactiles might be just the ticket to prevent your colleagues at work from murdering you because of your clacky keeb.

  • Stem: Pink, Tactile
  • Top Housing: Clear/Translucent 
  • Bottom Housing: Clear/Translucent
  • Spring weight: 60g or 70g (actuation)
  • Factory lubricant: Yes
  • Pins: 5

We always recommend lubing (even though it’s factory lubed), it can be copped in stock at the same time as these bad boys. Limited stock, single drop only.

Available in packs of 70, 90 and 110.