Cherry MX Clears (Ergo Clears)
Cherry MX Clears (Ergo Clears)
Cherry MX Clears (Ergo Clears)

Cherry MX Clears (Ergo Clears)

You’re only one spring swap away from Ergo Clears!

The mythical modified switch that started it all - the Ergo Clear can be made possible simply by spring swapping these switches to something a tad lighter. Or use them stock if you like it heavy! Praised for their tactility and typing experience, MX Clears what browns should have been. The legendary tactile Cherry Clear is available for a limited time at ALL CAPS for all you tactile fiends out there!

  • Stem: Clear/White, Tactile
  • Top Housing: Black
  • Bottom Housing: Black
  • Spring weight: 55g (actuation) / 90g (bottom out)
  • Factory lubricant: No
  • Pins: 3

Traditionally, a Cherry Red, Brown or Blue spring was necessary to make an Ergo Clear. In the modern keyboard game though, access to after market springs is easier than ever! Thus, anything that’s lighter than the stock spring will yield an Ergo Clear. We have SPRiT springs in stock as well as an assortment of other springs for just this purpose.


Doc Brown Switcho Meter Measurement
***just a guide not to be trusted**

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Size: 70