Everglide Aqua Kings

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The king is in!

Completely transparent, lubed up and ready for your next build — the Aqua Kings have arrived! The Aqua Kings are your RGB overlords, welcome them and all their shine through glory. Apart from that, they sport a nice factory lube job and comfortable 62g spring to aid all day typing. The housing and stem are clear polycarbonate which helps in shining through your most disgusting of RGB setups.

  • Stem: Clear, Linear
  • Top Housing: Clear
  • Bottom Housing: Clear
  • Spring weight: 62g
  • Factory lubricant: Yes, moderate 
  • Pins: 5

We typically recommend lube but the Aqua Kings are perfectly useable stock, the factory lube job is quite impressive and will be sufficient for most. If not, 205g0 is your lube of choice.

Available in packs of 70, 90 and 110.