Universal Daughterboard

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Toasty x ALL CAPS USB-C Daughterboard

Isn’t it annoying that you can never seem to find a spare or replacement USB-C Daughterboard for your premium boards? Well, ALL CAPS & Toasty have got you covered! Based off of AI03’s Universal Daughterboard, this tiny PCB is an excellent replacement for your stock breakout board. Presented in Black FR4 and includes the JST for plug and play replacement. 

  • Standard 1.6mm thickness black FR4
  • USB-C
  • 10cm JST cable included
  • Requires a compatible PCB (Mekanisk Tind, Keycult, Singa Unikorn etc)

Reasonable price, reasonable reward for a tiny thing that connects another thing to a thing.

NOTE: Our testing yielded overwhelmingly positive results in all boards we put the Daughterboards into. These tests included the Unikorn, Adelie, 7v, Cajal and Keycult to name a few. Since out in the wild, the Mode80 (in our tests) did not like the stock cable provided. Please just be aware that you may need to use the stock cable that came with the Mode if you intend to use it in that board. All other boards have had no issues since this PCB has been out to customers.