Ca Phe Sua Da Switches

Charue Design
Ca Phe Sua Da (Linear) Switches

Drawing inspiration from their favourite iced caffeinated drink, the Vietnamese Iced Coffee the Charue Design team present the Ca Phu Sua Da switches! And they totally look the part too! The colourway reflects the Vietnamese Iced Coffee perfectly, mirroring the ingredients required to make the delicious, extremely potent drink: ice, Vietnamese cold brew and condensed milk!

Looks aside, these switches sound phenomenal! The Charue team have channeled their childhood, special dinners and the things we hold special as we inevitably grow up. But, even as the years catch up to us, nothing beats a Vietnamese Iced Coffee on a warm day. NOTHING.

The switches will come packed in a reusable coffee bag with stickers!

Available in 10, 36, 72, 108 & 144 quantities

Stem: Clear (Nylon)
Top housing: Brown (PC)
Bottom housing: White (PC)
Spring Weight: 63.5g Double Spring
Factory Lube: No
Pins: 5
Switch Manu: Tescee
Typing Test: YouTube
Tax included.
Size: 10