[EXTRAS] Ciel - Add-ons

Add your Ciel60 Extras here! Extras must be added with a Ciel60 keyboard kit, individual orders MAY be cancelled.

Based on the Bakeneko, much of the original design has been kept. Only changes have been the addition of an internal weight and a slight change in the back profile. Ciel supports normal 60% ANSI as well as Tsangan bottom row, split right shift, split backspace, and stepped caps lock.

This page should be used for the extras that you require for your kit. Please add them with your kit in the same transaction.

6061 Aluminum case
Internal Brass weight
6061 Aluminum plate
PCB: Hotswap (Solder PCB optional extra)

Ciel60 Case
Brass weight
Alu Plate
Multi-Layout Black Hotswap PCB
50a 60% O-Ring
Custom Silicone Feet
All hardware required
    Tax included.
    Extras: Polycarbonate Plate
    Polycarbonate Plate
    FR4 Plate
    O-Ring 30a
    O-Ring 50a
    Hotswap PCB
    Solder PCB