deskmat with UFO across field

The Truth Is Out There Deskmats

Taken in 1975 by "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier, extraterrestrial contactee

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KNC Keys
Green Jacket Linears

KNC's follow-up to the much loved Red Jacket switch!

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Hades Linear

From Moyu.Studio

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[GB] Block67 65% Gasket Mount Keyboard Kit

From ENG Studio after a successful round one, the Block 67 is back!

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Blue Bubblegum Linear Switches

From Keebhut, a small vendor out of Southern California comes it’s first switch, the Gateron Blue Bubblegum Linear. 

The color scheme for this switch is inspired by the colour of bubblegum, combined with the the color of Blue Raspberry, hence the name, Blue Bubblegum.

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